Rafting and Adrenaline

From the green river we made ​​ourselves on 4 Day of our trip on the way to through beautiful and stunning Utah landscape. Utah is known and popular with all the whitewater fans in the United States.With this region that offers two stunning stretches of white water for rafting fans and those who want to be at. Our guide that day was Josh that has successfully guided for more than 10 years, he did not disappoint and was able to show us the river, didn’t dump us, and made us laugh the whole time. There were actually a number of dedicated employees who came together to make this trip a success. All of this transpired while utilizing one of their hotel group packages, but after which we decided the trip would go forward.

Convention rooms and river raftingPhoto Credit: François Rejeté

After a detailed briefing on land, including a few dry runs – for safety on board and commands while driving – then we could convince ourselves with a dip into the water that was pretty cold, that we were ready to go. With wetsuits in hand we were off on our excursion.

We started our boat, along with three travelers around 11 pm. First, a small quiet settling-in period, and already the first major rapids came to us! The commands of us Josh heated vigorously to paddle, so the upset – to avoid the boat – also known as “flipping”. That feeling of rafting is always breathtaking, the adrenaline shoots throughout your body immediately into the blood and you get like a wide grin across his face time, which lasts the whole tour. A total of 10 boats were in the water during the tour so you could be a little duel with the other participants with water fights via paddle. During quieter passages you can always jump into the water again. But you can tell fairly quickly that it is not a lake and the ice-cold water temperature quickly weakens despite a wetsuit. So you should always stay close to the boat. Overall, again great fun and an unforgettable experience for all.

That was the trip that we were able to experience. Never did we regret the choice we made to take our friends on this excursion. They couldn’t keep a smile off of their faces, and laughter was as frequent as the birds chirping along our path. If you get the chance to do the Green river make certain you jump on that opportunity as you will never forget the experience, even if you get thrown sky high into the freezing water, it will be worth it.