Overcoming the Fear of Rafting

The sound of the river is loud, you see the frothy white water and the adrenalin level every minute. Just something like this, it sure was many before her first rafting trip. But what exactly comes in the hours to come? This question was sure many of you before their first rafting trip made. These are some of my thoughts as we recently took a trip down the Grand Canyon. There was so much anticipation before we set out, hope for a good time, hope for a safe time; but also hope for an exhilarating time.

Colorado River BoatingPhoto Credit: Grand Canyon National Park

I was with some fellow business colleagues who were a little fearful they might not return, but after some talking to them we convinced them the fun was worth the risks. That thousands of people everyday brave the wild waters and make it home in one piece, and that as long as you have a good guide there is little to fear but fear itself and freezing in a moment when you’re needed to act accordingly. This is what we discussed while utilizing a gifted Utah vacation package before we set out.

Rafting (“Old German”: river rafting) has become one of the most popular outdoor sports and is popular among recreational athletes from year to year. At this water sport you are driving along a special form of an inflatable boat (raft), set with 4 – 12 people, a chosen wild river down. Rafting tours are always performed by commercial providers, and after a detailed briefing of all participants naturally moves in each boat with at least one guide itself. He takes over the controls and rear of the boat there.

After all participants get a wetsuit, helmet and a bladed paddle equipped, it is now time to PADDLE! And the hardworking and above all in the same rhythm, not so easy in the beginning. You can tell it relatively quickly that rafting has nothing to do with a leisurely boat tour, but also means a lot of work but lots of fun and action. With all pleasure but safety should always be considered. Before the tour, all participants should be advised the provider to the dangers and rules of conduct in case “man or woman overboard” must be equally clear. Then all have fun and voluntary jumps into the cool water are allowed in certain places where the current isn’t to much and you can frolic around the water without much concern.